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GP Testimonials
23rd April 2019 
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GP Testimonials
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Dr Ismat Nasiruddin - GP Partner at Thurleigh Road Surgery (88a Thurleigh Rd, London. SW12 8TT)

'I wanted to pass on my thanks to you for being such an incredible source of support. I can't tell you how helpful it is to have such a high quality service available for our patients and the difference it makes to their wider management. I openly say you're at the heart of the recovery of many of my patients.

I only feel comfortable recommending people I know, and where I have good feedback on their work. I have to say: I have never had such outstanding feedback on any professional from such a variety of professionals and patients. More profound and actually incredible to witness is the difference in patients following your involvement. You truly are life-changing, and this applies to all manner of patients; including the highly complex (who may or may not have undertaken psychological input before). Your highly individualised approach, and your ability as psychotherapist to utilise all modalities as necessary for the individual you're seeing, proves truly transformational!

I'm incredibly grateful to have you as a resource, as the number of therapists who adopt a very rigid approach and try to fit people into their approach regardless of what they need is incredibly frustrating'.

Dr Elizabeth Main - GP Partner, Forest Hill Road Group Practice

'I would highly recommend Nick as a therapist. His calm, caring manner reassures and puts patients at ease. His individually-tailored approach means he is able to really connect with his patients, and use techniques which work best for them. He has years of experience, and is able to treat a wide variety of psychological problems.'