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My Approach
23rd April 2019 
My Approach
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My Background: I started out as a professional cricketer at Surrey County Cricket Club before having to take premature retirement due to an on-going back injury. I subsequently lived and worked in Spain for two years and then returned to the Uk to work as a modern languages teacher and coach, before training as a psychotherapist.

My experience as a professional cricketer at Surrey County Cricket Club means that I understand the highs and lows of having to perform and achieve goals in a pressurised and competitive environment: where often complicated team dynamics, intense expectations and uncertainty can create stress, anxiety, depression and addictive behaviour patterns. Furthermore, I will help you develop and master the psychological skills to thrive in such environments.

I feel I have a rich life experience which informs how I work. Beyond professional sport my time overseas and in education provides me with a rich cultural appreciation, an understanding of diversity and how to motivate people and help them develop.

Change is a process which involves challenging psychological states. I will use my personal experience, training and clinical expertise to help you to overcome emotional and psychological difficulties, and to move forwards and find solutions to your problems, as with previous clients.

I provide a space for exploration , a place to feel understood, an opportunity to work through complex issues and dilemmas. I facilitate a process allowing you, the client, to connect deeply with yourself and find ways of overcoming unhelpful behavioural patterns. For the therapeutic process to work, there is a need for safety and non-judgemental acceptance. However, the neuroscience is very clear in this regard: for healing and transformation to occur there must be sufficient challenge, as emotional edges need to be probed. 'Emotional muscles' need to be developed.
Hence therapy is a profound undertaking and can provoke painful feelings and take us to our edges, but it can also be an enormously vitalising and creative process.

My 5 year core training at The Minster Centre was Integrative which not only means that I trained in a variety of modalities, but more importantly, I understand how the modalities work together. Working integratively is not just about using a mixture of psychological techniques from different approaches in a random manner; it is also about understanding how to weave them together to your specific needs in a coherent and fluid way.

I use clinical techniques from the following psychological models:

  • Relational (Attachment Theory and Neuroscience)

  • Psychodynamic

  • Person-centred

  • CBT and Solution-focused

  • Humanistic (Gestalt and Existential)

  • Mindfulness

  • Body psychotherapy - I do not use touch, but with mindfulness techniques I focus on the mind/body connection and help bring attention to the body and the trapped unconscious emotions that we store there